ASCA Rally Obedience

(Practice ASCA® Rally Obedience)

Sadly, the Australian Club of America had a change of board members in 2019. They determined that they no longer wished me to offer ASCA Rally Obedience. Though I had previously been granted permission to create the app, I complied with their wishes. 

I apologize to those of you who enjoyed the app. It was a work of love.

Good luck in your Rally Obedience Journey. Remember to always enjoy your dog.


ASCA Rally

"ASCA Rally is a sport that focuses on the partnership and teamwork that develops between the dog and handler. Rally trials are designed to showcase not only the ability and relationship of the team, but also the camaraderie between exhibitors. Dog and handler teams are required to perform a course consisting of a set of exercises designed by the Judge according to these regulations. All teams are held to the same standard of performance. Courses are to be executed as one continuous performance, moving fluently between stations. While a team is on the course, they should exhibit accuracy, briskness, and smoothness, as well as enthusiasm and enjoyment. Above all, an exhibitor should exhibit good sportsmanship toward both their dog and other exhibitors." ASCA website, 2013


Visit the ASCA here:


Australian Shepherd Club of America


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