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"The United Kennel Club (UKC) created UKC Rally for the purpose of providing a more informal form of Obedience that would be attractive to those considering involvement in dog performance sports. By providing a more appealing format to obedience training that would also allow for possible early involvement in exhibiting their dogs, it is hoped that Rally Obedience would serve to encourage those dog owners to continue with that interest in the sport of traditional dog obedience.


Rally Obedience is an uninterrupted performance by the dog and handler without direction from the judge.
The arrangement of the exercises found in Rally Obedience are randomly chosen and unlike the rigid set of exercises found in traditional obedience, the team is evaluated on a more natural approach to the performance. The overall performance should convey an image of fun, enthusiasm and the ability of the team to work in partnership.


The UKC concept of Rally Obedience is that all handlers, regardless of physical abilities, and all dogs, regardless of physical structure, should have the opportunity to participate and experience success in Rally Obedience. All dogs need to have basic obedience training and if they can follow their handlers’ commands, they should be able to qualify for Rally Obedience
Titles. The dog and handler team is allowed unlimited communication, praise and encouragement by the handler without penalty and are
judged on the overall execution and completion of each exercise (station)." (UKC Rally, 2011)

UKC Rally is open to all dogs regardless of pedigree. 


I would like to express an especial "Thank You" to Sydney Suwannarat, the executive director of the UKC, for her help in giving me the answers, as well as the permission, that I needed in order to proceed with this application. 


The UKC Application for the iphone is designed to help your study the UKC signs and to work with your dog. It provides a random sign generation section as well as an area to refer to the signs and descriptions. A search feature is provided to help you find signs in each level.


Visit the United Kennel Club website here


A Few Screen Shots:

UKC Rally Obedience

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