Pocket Rally for the iPhone  gives you the ability to learn AKC Rally on your phone. 

(Practice AKC® Rally Obedience)

 Pocket Rally Obedience  provides you all of the signs with the principal part of the exercise for each sign. The signs are divided by levels to make them easy to find. Even easier, there is a search feature to quickly find the sign(s) that you are after.

For all those who have asked, "How do I do that?", there is a video demo of every sign listed in the app. These videos are included in the Sign Level sections as well as in the Random Sign Practice sections.

The Practice section for each level generates a random sign. Touch the sign and a sign will be shown randomly. You can practice by yourself as new signs come up. 

A notetaker/record keeper has been added that allows for brief record keeping or comments on trials and their results. (Always remember to back up your phone so as to never lose valuable data.)

If you enjoy games, there is one included to test your memory and sign recognition. It is a 'concentration' type of game called Rally Memory Match. The higher levels are challenging.


Wait! There is still more.  An audio callout section has been added whereby you can listen to the signs being called out while you practice. You can select the signs to practice or practice them randomly.

Finally, there is also a mini course creator. You can put together a short mini rally obedience course to practice with your dog.

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