Rally All Around is the most complete and comprehensive book on Rally Obedience on the market today.  Much more than a e-book it is an Interactive, Multimedia Dog Training Guide for Rally Obedience. Written by an exhibitor, teacher and judge the emphasis on AKC Rally Obedience, but ASCA, UKC, World Cynosport APDT, C-Wags and Cyber Rally-O are also included . Nearly 100 videos and 2000 photos will lead you step by step from training the most basic behaviors through the highest levels of Rally competition.

In order to use the interactive features in the book you must have Adobe  Reader 10 or above installed on your computer.  Please be sure that your computer supports Adobe Reader 10 or above before downloading the book. Because this is such a large document, the downloading and opening may take some time. Please be patient.

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